A hard bump feels like a bone under left foot right under toe it doesnt hurt only sometimes you cant see it only feel it had a xray but nothing showed up? My doctor is very good at just feeling abnormalities and telling what they are. Foot Bumps. What causes bumps on top of the foot? feels like bone-more like bone on the outside of my left foot plus - Answered by a verified Doctor What's that mysterious, hard bump on top of your foot? Other less common lumps and bumps that can appear on the outside of the foot are lipomas, fibromas, and giant cell tumors. OK, I had the same hard lump on the side of my left foot, about midway. In children this area has a growth plate to the bone. I had one of those on my other foot and had it surgicaly removed earlier this year. This is on the top (not the side) of the other foot. ... Bump on side of foot ... since I have the same bump on the same foot. My left foot twisted and I fell now I have a lg bump? Posted by Jenn F. on Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 . The bump is on the far side of my left foot behind my pinky ... My foot has a bump that feels like a bone that is sticking up under my skin. Have found a small pea sized hard (feels like bone) lump on the right hand side of my foot directly below ankle bone on - Answered by a verified Doctor They can be a natural enlargement of a foot bone, or they can be an extra bone. He said it was a cyst and can either be caused by an injury or pressure. It could be a saddle bone deformity. This bony bump at the base of the big toe causes that toe to veer toward the others. Foot & Heel Bone Spurs. The procedures are designed to remove the bump of bone, correct the changes in the bony structure of the foot and correct soft tissue changes that may also have occurred. It's almost like a bone but not. Comments for Bump on side of left foot. He also told me that it appears to have grown, that it started out a small lump. Bumpy Ride: Saddle Bone Deformity. They can be asymptomatic (without pain) or symptomatic (painful). Bunion. A variety of surgical procedures is available to treat bunions. That certainly doesn't sound like it's ... bump then? by Christy (Massachusetts) I have a small hard bump on the top of my left foot under the skin. The goal of surgery is the reduction of pain and deformity. Thanks for your reply. Find out what that is and whether you need to worry about it. A Tailor's Bunion, or bunionette, is a bump or prominence on your fifth metatarsal bone, at the head of the 5th metatarsal and base of the little toe. There are a few causes of lumps, bumps or prominence on the outside of the foot. It is soft and does not have any discoloration. There is a lump like a bone on the left outward side of my foot it feels as if i have bruised it ? The most common cause of a bone spur on top of the foot is a condition called metatarso-cuneiform exostosis. No, it is not a bunion. ... Side Foot Pain; Top of Foot Pain; If they are not painful, they can usually be accommodated by shoe gear. After reading this site, I decided to go to the doctor. Again, he denies injuring it and said it's hard to describe, just